“Brindisi in an hour – In the heart of Brindisi” is a map created to help visitors discover Brindisi through an original historical and artistic itinerary.

Walk along the route the map suggests, in an hour you can get to know local history and traditions. How do the people of Brindisi live? What do they eat? Which are the town’s most frequented areas? And on the other hand which are less known but worth visiting at least once?

Between sacred and profane, legends and mottos, rites and famous people, with great satisfaction we’ll reveal the town’s unknown facts.

To enter the heart of Brindisi follow routes from 1 to 22. And if you’d like to stay for more than an hour and find out more of Brindisi’s culture and history, follow the “+ points”. Just fold down the top part of the map to find out more about the most famous monuments, the museums and the ancient churches.

Have fun following this itinerary that tells you with about local cultural in an informal manner. Join the community share pictures and videos of your visit to the heart of Brindisi in the Gallery.